Shaker Style Kitchen Castle Hill waratahkitchensadmin October 5, 2023

Shaker Style Kitchen

Project Details

Kitchen Renovation


This shaker style kitchen renovation breathed new life into this kitchen and dramatically improved the amount of livable space available for our clients to enjoy. The original timber kitchen was not only sucking up a lot of light in the space, making it feel dark, but the way it was positioned in the home left an awkward dining area off to one side which felt disconnected and a little dingy (see the before and after photos below).

In our experience, many of our clients have areas like this in their homes that don’t get much use and end up being a wasted space. In this home, although the dining area is right next to a beautiful pool and entertaining area, it was visually cut-off with no windows or sight lines to the outdoors.

Our designers re-configured the kitchen and moved it’s footprint to reclaim this space, adding precious, useable living space to the home at the same time. The new layout features a stylish servery between the kitchen and outdoor entertainment area, constructed with bi-fold windows which fold away to one side, creating a wonderful focal point and a feeling of connectedness between the kitchen and the outdoor area.